What are the benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

At MintedLeaf, it is our personal passion and mission to create an honest and educated community for health and wellness lovers to understand the amazing benefits of using Full-Spectrum hemp products. We are dedicated to creating the highest quality hemp products that are found in the marketplace today.

What are the benefits of MintedLeaf’s True Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Q: Why do people use Full Spectrum hemp oil?
A: Some of our customers say it helps with general stress, anxiety, and for those who work out often report it helps with inflammation.

Q: When and How Do Most People Use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?
A: The most common form of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is oil extract stored in tinctures, like our 30 mL dropper bottles. Like all supplements, it’s important to use in a regular fashion, with at a consistent dose.

How to Use:
💧Shake gently before each use
💧1 Full Dropper
💧Place under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds and then swallow
☕TIP: Try placing it into your coffee or tea! 😀

Read our complete guide to taking hemp oil: https://bit.ly/2LxCYBO 📖

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