Serenity Hemp Seed Oil Drops – 4 fl oz 3.000mg (Peppermint) – Hemp Extract – Hemp Oil – REVIEW

Natural Remedies for Sciatica – Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain Now

You may want to find some remedies for sciatica that are going to be effective and help you relieve the pain. If you are dealing with sciatica then you most likely know the pain that is associated with it. Dealing with pain in your lower back, legs and even your hips can make it very difficult to function in life. Carrying out even the smallest tasks can be very complicated and painful.

Yoga Helps People With Diabetes

Yoga has been viewed as a helpful form of exercise that relaxes the mind and body. When it eases the body into postures, yoga is intended to improve the body’s balance and strength, increase our flexibility and enhance our well-being. This ancient practice which originated in India also helps decrease stress which can be helpful in controlling glucose levels in people with type 1 or 2 diabetes.

What Is Hijamah?

Hijamah is an Islamic medical practice that is widespread amongst middle eastern communities. This article explains what it is and if it may be useful.

Drug Addiction and Withdrawal Guide

Drug Addiction is defined as an abnormal, compulsive use, use for non-medical purposes and continued use despite harm or risk of harm. It is a huge problem especially in the United states with people abusing prescription medications such as Percocet (oyxcodone and acetominophen), Xanax (alprazolam), and Roxicodone (oxycodone) and Vicodin (hydrocodone and acetominophen). In this brief article, I will explain some of the most commonly asked questions with regards to rx drug abuse from everyday people.

Many Auto Accident Victims Also Suffer From Ankle Injuries

Many people are involved in auto accidents every day and many suffer from ankle injuries as well as neck pain and are not sure what to do. Ankle injuries are common and are easily corrected.

Basics of Distant Energy Healing

If you are searching for new solutions for healing of body, mind and spirit, then looking at distance energy healing can introduce you into a new way to feel better about your life. Understanding how this works can help you to find a new approach to transformation and healing.

In Defense of Placebos

Placebos are generally dismissed as non-factors in our health. This article shows us a side of placebos that might be worth giving them another look.

Drink Your ‘Cold’ Away in Days!

I know you have heard of some crazy home remedies for colds and flu, yet, this one actually works and it is good for you too! You can actually drink this and boost your immunity at the same time! Try It!

Neurotherapy Facts

As a relatively new treatment modality for cognitive, emotional, and even physical ailments, neurotherapy is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Though there are many myths about neurotherapy, there is also a wealth of research supporting this type of treatment with respect to anxiety, ADHD, depression, seizure disorders, and even addictions. So let’s discuss some neurotherapy facts, especially as they relate to common myths.

Latest Neurotherapy Technology

Neurotherapy refers to a series of scientifically-based treatments designed to train the brain to regulate mind and body functions. At times, the brain does not function optimally which results in a variety of mental and physical problems. Indeed, there are many cognitive, emotional, and physical ailments that are associated with poor brain function. For example, stress can be manifested as stomach pain, back pain, headache, or other symptoms that are actually triggered by the brain. Neurotherapy attempts to restore optimal brain function so that you can experience improved health and happiness.

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