petroleum based plastic Vs Hemp Plastic

Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is one of the famous herbs which can be used in various cosmetic, pharmaceutical, construction and many other industries. Peppermint oil can be extracted from its plants.

Castor Oil Is A Big Hit In America

Among the many products that nature has, perhaps castor oil is one that offers many health benefits. For centuries, castor oil has helped thousands of people get healed from a lot of health problems, even if it has an unpleasant and bland taste.

Are Your Ancestors Influencing Your Life?

We are not our physical bodies. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have an aura or energy field, which is visible to many people in the form of light. Many of us are oblivious to our auras, but it is vital to our wellbeing. Your aura is like a fingerprint that uniquely identifies you. Stored in your aura is your genetic and ancestral lineage, a record of your past lives and your karmic contracts and lessons for this lifetime.

Choosing Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

The range of crystals that can be used for healing is huge but when it comes to conditions such as anxiety and stress there are some that are more preferred than others. So if you are shopping for stones to help you with these conditions you might want to check out some of the ones below.

Ayurveda – The Ancient Indian Art Of Living Healthy

Ayurveda is about keeping in shape and healthy with the help of certain practices. These methods are very efficient and rely on the power of the body and the mind so a connection between them can be cultivated and nourished.

When Medicine Gets Lazy

There may be a lot of research happening in the medical sciences, especially as technology becomes more advanced, but the benefits of these advances aren’t always evident during a doctor’s appointment. Recognize where your strengths lie in your health, so that when medicine does get lazy, you’re there to support your body and mind.

Chiropractic’s Role In Global Health Care

Chiropractic care is one area of the total healthcare arena. The purpose of this article is to bring clarity about chiropractic education, the safety of chiropractic and the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic.

A New Cellular Technology Is Changing How We Look At Health

Scientists estimate our body has well over 75 trillion cells. Over 300 million cells die every minute. As we age our cells age, too. Their function begins to lessen and the body is vulnerable to disease. Learn about a new cellular technology is changing how we look at health.

Chasing Symptoms

Chasing symptoms, what is wrong with this idea? Is there a better way?

An Insight Into The Significant Properties Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been looked forward to as the most effective natural components that can effectively heal the natural immune system of any person. It is indefinitely one of the best assets from “Mother Nature” that has an immense ability to render relief from some of the most common and prolific diseases known to mankind. What are essential oils?

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