Nutiva Organic- Cold Pressed- Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil from non GMO-Sustainably Farmed Canadian Hemp

Illusive Unconditional Love

Our parents loved us in the best way they could and if we were lucky – that love was unconditional. However, not all parents are capable of giving love unconditionally. Parenting is challenging – to say the least. Then there is the programming passed down through the generations on how to parent via society and family. I personally think it takes a really conscious person to develop and follow their own road map to parenting. That is a topic for another time. For now, we are talking about unconditional love.

Significance of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

If you start listing down the factors of drug addiction, you might come up with a never ending list. Competition in every field is making the world a more chaotic place day by day.

Your Nerve System

It is easy for someone to connect the dots when they are in a car accident and are consequently in physical pain. What is a new concept for many is how chemical and emotional stressors affect our bodies and health just as much.

Ouch! My Toes Hurt! – Hammertoe 101

One day you start to notice that your toes hurt. You don’t know why. Maybe the shoes are too tight, don’t fit right or the heel is too high. Or, if you participate in a high impact or running sport, your toes may be pushed and jammed to the front of your shoe, but whatever it is, you continue to ignore the pain and you keep running. No matter what you do-stretching, pulling on your toes, not wearing shoes-your toes still hurt! You may be on your way to permanently damaging your toes. You may be developing a “hammertoe”!

Your Immune System Is the Best Defense Against Dis-Ease

What can protect you against viruses, bacteria, and infection better than antibiotics? Well, if I tell you here, you won’t read the article!! So, read on and find out!!

Creating Community Equals Good Health

The majority of people yearn for a sense of community and belonging. We want to feel connected and supported by the people around us and the people we love. Knowing that someone has your back is always welcoming and comforting.

Where and How Does Dis-Ease Start?

Often people ask how did I get this dis-ease or dis-order and doctors give a technical answer. Dis-ease and Dis-order often begins in a place we never considered until we become ill.

Is Your Child Suffering From Fears and Phobias!

Fears & Phobias are something that can be experienced by all at some point or another. However, frequent occurrences of the same could mean that the person is actually suffering from a fear and phobia disorder. It is a known fact that a feeling particularly uncomfortable and anxious never feels good!

Chiropractic FAQ With Dr Casey Hallin

Though some believe that chiropractic care is intended to relieve only neck and back pain, it has many other benefits. A wide variety of health problems stem from spinal imbalance and dysfunction of the spinal joint and nervous system. Everyday living, stress and old injuries can cause vertebrae to lose their proper position or motion.

The Benefits Of Almond Oil

Many of us know about the sweet and bitter almond oil, and the many benefits of almond oils in general, but of course our knowledge is very slim. It has many other benefits, although it is known to have special benefits for acne, face and skin.

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