Nature’s Path Hemp Hearts Granola – Healthy – Organic – 25 lb. Bulk Box – REVIEW

Not Everything That Points To Ill Health Is The Cause Of It!

Every so often studies are released about health rates and cause of illness as well as about the difference it can make depending on where you live. Are these correlations a good indicator and correct? Are particular places better off because they have more sunshine than others? Could it be that chronic illness is more dominant in areas where more elderly people are living such as retirement villages etc. as studies are telling us health risks increase with age? We know that smoking is far from being healthy, but is it really as bad as they are telling us it is?

Poor Food Choices Could Cause Sleep Problems

If you aren’t getting enough sleep along with good nutrition your body will not function properly and that can bring on unwanted health issues. When you get the proper nutrition and sleep you provide your body what it needs to fight off negative health problems while improving your energy levels and quality of life.

Stop Stress With Nutritional Choices

Most people when told they need to reduce the amount of stress in their life will try to figure out what causes the stress or will look for something of comfort that will take their mind off of it. I have found comfort in reading or memorizing verses from the Bible. There are foods you can eat that will boost your health and relieve stress.

Medication Self-Management / Poly-Pharmacy

Say KNOW to drugs! Learn about medication therapy management today.

Ounce of Prevention Options In Health Management

There are non traditional methods and ideas to treat or prevent disease. Self reliance and self education to learn what types of foods are helpful and the types of foods that are not helpful in keeping you healthy. The non traditional methods of treating minor ailments to keep them from developing into major ailments so that a doctor’s time is better managed treating diseases a person can’t fix on their own.

Today’s Health Management Ounce of Prevention

Our American ways of how we treat our health sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. It appears that we prefer treatment of diseases and physical problems as opposed to preventing what might be the causes of the problems. I believe that the medical community will ignore, hide or shun altogether any form of natural treatment or prevention. It is imperative you educate yourself about all options for your own health.

What Is Tai Chi?

Most people have heard about Tai Chi before and thoughts of martial art like movements will come to the mind of most people but that is just a fading snap shot of what the art really is. In Chinese philosophy there is a constant balance that is being sought. It is being sought in all of our lives each day as we live, whether we realize it or not. Tai Chi is a physical method for a person to attempt to achieve balance or understanding ying-yang in oneself.

Probiotics Make You Smarter

Probiotics ingested over a 4 week period were recently shown, by MRI, to increase attention and focus. The Brain-Gut connection has finally been verified. Discover how probiotics can influence and improve your brain’s function.

What Actually Makes Us Sick And Fat?

Absorbing things around us is often the biggest education and eye opener. Just spend an hour or so, find a comfortable chair in a busy shopping center where there is a lot of foot traffic. You may still not believe that you are not dreaming, even if you pinch yourself. It’s almost like two miniature tsunamis coming from both sides made of people of all shapes and sizes. Many of them have both hands in full use: One hand is holding a cell phone and the other hand something to eat, making sure to keep that body mass already well out of proportion.

Craniosacral Therapy – The Best Therapy You Don’t Know About

Craniosacral therapy is a great option for muscle pain. I was skeptical about it at first, but after experiencing the therapy I am now a believer.

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