Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds – 18oz; with 10g Protein & 12g Omegas

Got Stress? Got Problems? Get Reiki!

Looking for natural remedies to relieve stress? Reiki is a MUST Try… See why!

A Microscopic Ocean-Extract – 6 Reasons It May Promote Your LONGEVITY And SAFEGUARD Your Health

A Microscopic Ocean-Extract – 6 reasons it may Be Your #1 Promoter of LONGEVITY And SAFEGUARD You From Premature Death. Would you believe it if we told you that ONE substance contains the entire spectrum of nutrients for the human nutritional profile and that this same substance is the #1 proliferator of life on Earth and actually creates our atmosphere and enables the life of our entire human species? The Fact is this one living-nutrient source creates up to 90% of the very oxygen we breathe! SO… What is it?

Try Using Your Five Senses – They Can Surprise You

We don’t use our five senses well. With whole body training, as in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, the practitioner is gradually led to be more aware of the body, its movements and stillnesses, its amazing potentials.

Magic of Ayurveda for Hair and Skin Care

Inspired by nature and formulated with the age old tradition of Ayurveda is the new age mantra for great skin and hair care products. Ayurvedic cosmetics, herbal cosmetics and Ayurveda skin care products have gained popularity over the chemically manufactured cosmetics. Cosmetics are products that are widely used the world over to improve the general condition of skin, hair and overall health that includes the mind and body with almost no side effects!

The Two Traditions of Medicine

Rationalism and Vitalism are the yin/yang in the world of health. In this short article we review the basic principles and practices of Rationalism and Vitalism.

Subconscious Mind Deprogramming, Among the Best Stress Relief Remedies

Stress has turned into a serious concern, as more and more people are facing this problem every single day. Up until recently, no one was completely aware of all the repercussions stress can have upon the health of individuals. Apparently, specialists seem to be quick to inform those who want to listen about what can happen if you continue to allow stress in your life. Stress can be the real cause behind various afflictions such as diabetes or heart failure.

Are Healing Herbs Trustworthy?

Many people are turning to healing herbs instead of pharmaceutical drugs. But are the trustworthy?

Reiki Self Healing 101

Do you want to practice ancient Japanese reiki healing on yourself in the comfort of your own home? Find out how easy you can do it here.

Essential Oils: Their Biblical Beginnings And Uses Today

If you want to improve your health perhaps essential oils is your answer. Learning about their history is most interesting, however, learning about the various varieties of essential oils and their application is imperative.

A Fresh Approach On How To Increase Energy With Essential Oils

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils will help your body to stay healthy so you can do activities that will take your body to another level of fitness. The 3 oils we will discuss are well known for their health benefits.

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