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Reviving Kidneys Through Ayurveda Medicine

Kidneys can be revived! Ayurveda medicine, which is becoming more acceptable and popular in the Western world, recommends the use of herbs which can be used for all stages of kidney illness. These herbs helps patients avoid dialysis and are also good for kidney failure. They can also be taken with Western medicine treatments. Ayurveda medicine uses herbs that lower increased urea and creatinine levels and address kidney failure symptoms like oedima or swelling. Kidney failure happens when the kidneys can no longer filter toxins and other waste products. Diseases and persistent use of some drugs cause kidney failure.

Chronic Fatigue Part 3: Stuck Patterns

Stuck patterns in life can contribute to chronic fatigue. In addition to lifestyle habits, some of these patterns can also involve mental-emotional tendencies that aren’t helpful for your energy. This article describes how the mind can slow you down if you don’t notice what types of thoughts you’re getting stuck on.

Chronic Fatigue Part 4: Supporting Yourself

It may seem difficult to support oneself in the face of health issues like chronic fatigue, but that is also the time when it’s most important to do so. This article talks about ways to support a healthy mindset, lifestyle, and recovery from fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Part 5: Introduction to Lifestyle

In the Chronic Fatigue Article Series, we’ve talked about mental-emotional aspects of chronic fatigue. In this specific article, we transition from mental-emotional into how thoughts and feelings can affect our choices on lifestyle habits. Attending to both the mind’s health and the body’s health helps increase energy more than either of these factors alone.

Cure Diabetes The Natural Way

Do you know that because of their ignorance about diabetes, most people the world over, seldom think twice before indulging in more eating and lesser physical activity? This leads to excessive obesity and It becomes essential that one heeds the early warning signs of this disease. Surprisingly, you can be afflicted for a long time without consciously knowing about it, and this can not only be dangerous but even fatal.

Chronic Fatigue Part 1: Energy Diversions

Chronic fatigue is caused by not only physical contributors of exhaustion, but also mental-emotional ones. It is important to explore all the types of mental-emotional factors that can make you feel tired on a regular basis.

Chronic Fatigue Part 2: Suppression and Expression

Suppressed emotions and thoughts can contribute to chronic fatigue in a number of ways. Learn about how expressing yourself is good for you and for helping resolve chronic fatigue.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Chiropractor?

Thinking about applying to chiropractic school? Learn more about how long it takes to obtain your Doctor of Chiropractic degree and the options you have about the course load you take on while you are there.

Physiotherapy and Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is an uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition that many people face. We will discuss how physiotherapy can be helpful in reducing or eliminating the frequency of occurrence of incontinence problems.

Inversion Therapy – The Risks and Benefits

Inversion therapy refers to inverting your body or hanging upside down while your body is supported by pulleys to the inversion table. This allows people to have the benefit of doing physiotherapy in the convenience of their own homes. We will explore the potential benefits of this therapy in this article.

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