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The Fever Blend With a Touch of TCM

I am the kind of person who gets cold easily, which will then turn to fever. The symptoms that usually developed include aversion to cold, sore throat, headache and mild fever. To try something new, and to have some breakthrough in my blending, I have made a fever blend that incorporates some of the TCM concepts. It works very well, as after one to two applications, my body got back to normal shape.

Cancer-Causing Foods You’re Likely Eating Daily

Consuming nutritious foods and exercise are the first requirements to living a healthy life. What you must educate yourself on are the hidden facts or the things you may not know about certain foods and/or the processes it goes through to become available for your consumption. Constant education is the key to knowledge so you can avoid serious illnesses and live a long, healthy life.

Take Advantage Of Ayurveda – Read Top Tips on Ayurveda

Delhi has been the capital of India from ancient times. It is one of the oldest capitals of the world. Indraprastha was the old name of Delhi as mentioned in Mahabharata. It has been a center of art & culture and administrative activities. The city receives lakhs of visitors every year from all parts of the world.

Alternative Healing Therapies: To Offer You Complete Wellness

There are various instances in which the traditional medicines don’t provide any healing. There are various diseases like emotional stress, trauma, accident, etc in which an individual passes through a tough time. In such cases, the alternative healing therapies and techniques are widely used. These therapies are very effective in improving the mental state of an individual.

Qigong For Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue can be a workout killer. As much as you want to workout you also want to avoid the pain and fatigue that can result. Is there an alternative besides doing nothing? Well in fact there is. It’s called Qigong or Chi Gung.

Uses of Pearl in Medicine

For centuries, pearls have been used for their healing factors especially in the traditional Far East and Asian medical systems. It has a cultural and medicinal value since ancients’ times where precious substances such as gold, silver, and pearl have physical and metaphysical ailments allegedly.

A Brief on the Use of Essential Oils With Traditional Chinese Medicine

The use of essential oils based on Chinese medicine has proven to be an exceptional modality in gaining maximum results with clients. This ancient healing system naturally adopts the use of essential oils. This case study will give the reader an overview of how to work with the Spleen and Stomach (Earth Element).

Who Goes To A Chiropractor?

Some might wonder: “Who would ever want go to a chiropractor”? While there are others who would ponder: “Why doesn’t everyone go to a chiropractor”? Gallup is a professional polling and survey company. In 2015 Gallup performed a study of 5442 adults in the United States regarding the chiropractic profession. This was the first ever nationally representative survey measuring perceptions of and experience with chiropractic among US adults. This article discusses the findings of the Gallup survey.

3 Natural Remedies No One Has Ever Heard Of

Oftentimes, people are not able to find the medical relief they are looking for with modern western medicine. Either all possible medications have been tried and failed, or you may just not want to continue to put unnatural substances in your body for relief. There are natural remedies available for all kinds of ailments that are safe for use. Here are three natural remedies that people have not heard of or have not considered using for medical relief.

A Talk About Herbal Products & The Health Benefits Associated With Their Use

The herbal products is a very broad category and includes various products. When we hear this term, the very first question comes to our mind is that what exactly are these items.

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