How Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil May Help CMT Symptoms

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, CMT advocate Elizabeth Ouellette interviewed Dr. Steven Kraus from Synchronicity – a certified Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil company. They were joined by CMTA Advisory Board member Greg Stilwell, DPM, who shared his story and positive experience with Synchronicity’s products.

According to the team of scientific and medical experts at Synchronicity, its Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil contains not only CBD, but also nearly 100 phytonutrients that may improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, reduce anxiety/depression, treat acne and much more. In fact, all of Synchronicity’s products are made using sustainable methods and gentle processing methods in an effort to retain all the nutritional benefits of the whole hemp plant, including CBD.

During this educational meeting, Dr. Steven Kraus discussed the science behind this therapeutic product, while Dr. Stilwell, a tried and true Synchronicity customer, talked about his personal journey using Synchronicity’s products.

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