Hemp Oil For Dogs 5 Benefits & Dose [Skin, Joints, Diet, Cancer]

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Hemp Oil For Dogs Benefits – 5 Reasons to Give Your Dog Hemp Oil:

Number 1 is the perfect Omega-3 and Omega-6 balance. Hemp oil has a perfect balance of 1 to 3 of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. These oils can work synergistically together enriching your dogs health.

They do this by lessening inflammation in the body and speed up healing for such things as arthritis, allergies, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and liver and kidney disease. Hemp oil will help prevent these diseases.

Hemp oil also provides great skin moisturizing abilities and gets the Omega oils deep into your dogs or your own skin and I use it as my personal favorite skin oil, it’s thick but not greasy and leaves the skin feeling supple and fresh, also great on your dogs dry flaky skin.

Number 2 is hemp oil reduces joint pain in dogs. Researchers have concluded that the GLA in hemp oil reduces arthritis symptoms in dogs due to its perfect fatty acid profile. And my own research concludes that it does help dogs with arthritis and freeing up joints.

Number 3 is hemp oils antioxidant value. Hemp oil contains vitamin E and A which boost immunity and fight free radical damage. Free radicals come from drugs, pesticide use, vaccines, diet and pollution and cause oxidative stress to your dogs body that can damage cells and the DNA. The antioxidants in hemp oil help to control free radicals and improve your dogs immune system, especially as they age.

Vitamin E will also help your dogs eyes, heart, skin, brain function and immune system balance. Vitamin A helps the skin, eyes and immunity to diseases such as cancer.

Number 4 is hemp oil is a better option than fish oil. Hemp oil has no side effects unlike unstable heat processed fish oil. Fish oil goes rancid easily and can cause inflammation in your dog. Hemp oil is stable, cold pressed, does not oxidize or go rancid.

If you get organic hemp seed oil, it won’t have any contaminants in it unlike fish oil that can contain high levels of mercury. Also fish oil depletes our oceans of fish while hemp oil is a fast growing sustainable crop.

And number 5 is hemp oil benefits your dogs diet. Hemp oil contains GLA from linoleic acid an Omega 6-fat and dogs on a kibble diet are deficient in GLA. GLA deficiencies can mean allergies, arthritis, digestive problems, diabetes, cancer and skin problems. Your dog needs GLA and hemp oil contains it in abundance.

For the benefits of hemp oil for dogs, It’s recommended to give a level teaspoon per 1lb of dog food.

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