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Amazing Health Effects of Cumin Seeds

Spices play a crucial role in making food delicious. In India, no dish is complete without the addition of spices and flavours. Cumin is a herb having a nutty, peppery flavour and is very commonly used in almost all households. The scientific name of these tiny seeds is Cuminum cyminum.

In A Recent Auto Accident? How A Chiropractor Can Help Your Injuries

Car Accidents can be scary and traumatic. It is important to seek medical attention. A chiropractor can help your recovery and treats many different injuries after a car accident.

Doing Breathing Exercises

There’s a lot of talk about doing breathing exercises. I like to do it in the morning before everyone gets up. It really gets my day started off right. Not only has it been shown to help prevent and improve a number of health conditions, it helps waken the body and get you going.

Is the FODMAP Diet Behind the Problem of Bloating or Diarrhea?

The problem of bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea are getting increased in humans day by day. If you are the one who is experiencing the problem of bloating after eating, then this is the time to be careful with your diet. The same problem occurs when you take vegetables, fruits and whole grains. To resolve the problem, you remove the dairy products from your diet, but there is no improvement, the bloating remains to create discomfort.

Use of Herbal Powders in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science of healing, whose prevalence can be traced back to about 2000 BC. This system uses a combination of diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing techniques to achieve wellness. This article throws light on the critical role played by herbal powders in this regard.

The Benefits of Using Natural Candles

Natural candles are beautiful way to brighten a room and improve the air you breather. There are three types of natural wax used today. Learn how each one is used so you can determine what is best is for your space.

Chiropractic for Life!

“The problem with chiropractors is they want you to come for the rest of your life.” Have you ever wondered WHY? Most folks that DO go to chiropractors don’t understand why. and unfortunately, most chiropractors don’t explain why to their customers, current and prospective. If they did, you’d hear a totally different perspective from the consuming public about going to the chiropractor.

Top 7 Foods to Fight Fatigue and Boost Energy

I don’t know about you but I’m consistently looking for ways to improve my sleep, fight fatigue and boost my energy. Here are seven foods that not only have helped me personally but have also been scientifically proven to create marked improvements in energy levels, blood pressure, and general good health.

5 Surprising Triggers of Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain and how do people get this illness? Can chronic pain be treated? If yes how?

The Holistic Approach to Obesity

This article provides information on the holistic approach to obesity. it sets forth the appropriate diet, nutrition and exercise regimen to reverse obesity and normalize BMI. it also discusses detoxification and relaxation techniques and natural supplements to use to reverse obesity.

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