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When Alternative Is Not the Answer

There is a big push for people to use alternative remedies for various illnesses. This can be a good thing but there are times when alternative isn’t the answer.

Homeopathy for a Migraine

A migraine is a form of headache that often has accompanying symptoms like nausea, vertigo, vomiting, anxiety and visual halos. Homeopathy is the perfect system to cure this problem. The homeopathic medicines completely root out this problem without any strong medicines.

I Am In Charge

I have three friends that are going through traditional cancer treatments right now. Two of them are not into alternative medicine at all. They’re doing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Heavy Sweating – How to Cope With It

Who does not want to smell fresh? However, if you are one of those cursed with heavy sweating and bad odour then you need to know the causes and ways to get rid of it. To smell fresh, read on the full article here on heavy sweating, the causes and remedies for same. Let that odour evaporate from your body!

Versatile Herbal Medications

Herbs can help with many of the problems we run across in life. Insect bites, a sore throat and upset stomachs can all be dealt with… and with items you may already have in your kitchen.

All About Lavender – Using Essential Oils at Home

Lavender has been used for centuries for different ailments. Most everyone knows what lavender smells like, but do you know all the benefits of using lavender. Whether you are looking to soothe an ongoing skin concern or sleep better at night, lavender might be the essential oil you need for optimal health and wellness.

Herbs, The Foundation of Medicine: Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis)

Dang Gui or Tang-Kuei is being marketed by many herb and supplement companies and they are selling a lot of it. It is no wonder – Dang Gui is an important and valuable Blood tonifying herb in the Chinese pharmacopeia…

Herbs, The Foundation of Medicine

Since the beginning of time, herbs have been important for man. As early people foraged for food, discovering which plants were edible, they also found plants with medicinal qualities. These medicinal plants were highly valued as they gave people a means of treating health problems. This article discusses one of the most commonly used Chinese herbs, ginseng.

How to Choose an Acupressure Mat

Over the past few years, acupressure mats (also known as spike mats, nail mats or Swedish mats) have become an increasingly popular device to self-treat a whole series of conditions, ranging from back pain to poor blood circulation. What Is Acupressure? Acupressure (not to be confused with acupuncture) is an ancient, non-invasive, healing technique based on the application of physical pressure on specific points along the body.

The Holistic Approach to Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungus

This article provides specific information on a holistic approach to ridding the body of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus. It discusses methods to boost the immune system, boost the immune system and target microbes for destruction. It provides detailed information on diet, exercise and supplements.

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