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Alternative Herbal Medicines – The Advantages And Disadvantages

Before beginning on your voyage towards option recuperation, it is best to know the preferences and weaknesses of home grown medications to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth in tending to your well being related concerns. Home grown medications are generally thought to be one of the best arrangements that address a developing number of well being related concerns today.

Lemongrass for Nail Fungus: How to Get Cured the Natural Way

Nail fungus has been a common problem for almost all women, We tried several lotions, ointments and other OTC medicines but it keeps coming back. By the way, have you tried natural ways to get rid of nail fungus? Here is the simple solution…

Neurodegenerative Disorders – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Neurodegenerative disorders form a group of diseases in which there is a progressive loss of structure or function of neurons or nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, resulting in progressive degeneration and death of the nerve cells causing problems with movement (ataxia) or with mental functioning (dementia). These disorders are characterized by a standard pathological process involving inflammation; oxidative stress; abnormal depletion or insufficient synthesis of neurotransmitters; and genetic mutations, causing damage to protein synthesis and premature cell death. This results in aggregation or deposit of abnormal protein clumps in various parts of the brain and spinal cord, and characteristic symptoms which help in identifying specific diseases. More than 200 such diseases are listed in this group; the commonly known diseases include Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), Huntington’s disease (HD), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Ataxias [including Spino-Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA)].

How To Use Essential Oils To Reduce Puffiness Under The Eyes

Puffiness under the eyes is what is commonly referred to as eye bags. Age is one of the contributors to this condition because the skin tissues in the area sag and weaken then accumulate fluid giving them that swollen appearance. Apart from age, lack of enough sleep, sleeping with the face down, smoking, eczema, allergies and water retention are some of the other factors that aggravate the condition. It can also be hereditary.

From an Alternative to a Preference: Growth of Ayurvedic Treatment in India

Ayurveda, in particular, affects the cell-mediated immunity! The medicinal techniques used, take the remedies to the cell interiors, thereby facilitating healing. More than 5,000 years old and in constant practice since then, Ayurveda is rapidly spreading from the rural community to urban population. A 2014 survey in Uttar Pradesh’s state Ayurvedic hospital revealed that more and more patients are opting for Ayurveda.

Energy Cleansing: Why It Is Important and How to Know If You Have Absorbed Toxic Energies

Are you tired? Is it hard to get on top of things?

100% Pure and Natural Homemade Yogurt

Have you ever tasted homemade natural yogurt, which is extremely nutritious, creamy, and delicious and is free of salt, sugar, and preservatives? Do you know natural homemade yogurt contains live culture and is considered to have probiotics? It enhances the health of a human digestive system and is really inexpensive if made at home. Do you know how to make it? Let us make some today, it is so easy.

Healing – How Does It Work?

Healers encourage sufferers to make a conscious act of turning towards what they see as a natural healing energy in life that can holistically restore the body and mind. Probably all of us have personal problems in living, although we don’t always realise it. How does healing for a sick mind work? To reduce the inflow of inner disorder of a person, many practitioners think there needs to be a movement from fragmentation and separation towards wholeness and integration. A restoring of order, balance, and right relationship between the one being healed and the universe. Consequently, it has been suggested that the mysterious life force can also heal inner disorders of the spirit. In other words, once the barriers are removed, this higher state of the spirit naturally flows in to heal our inner self.

Understanding Alkaline Water – Overview

One might have heard of alkaline water and its health benefits. Some people swear by it but many are still skeptical about it. Understanding and having an overview about its benefits can provide one a bird’s eye view and allow one to decide if it would work for them.

Constipation Home Remedies – How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast

Constipation is a problem that many people find difficulty with. Constipation is not being able to produce regular bowel movements. This can cause a body that is slow, tired, and irritable.

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