CBD Oil Testimony for Anxiety and Headaches

Artichoke Benefits

Artichokes were originally found around the Mediterranean Sea, and used to help fight off digestion issues of the ancient Romans. They eventually started to make artichokes into appetizers, and after a period of time the appetizers were made into Italian dishes and it has stayed that way ever since. Over a long period of years artichokes have also been referred to with a couple different names like Globe, or French artichokes.

Cold and Flu Buster: Tips on Preventing and Treating the Flu

The year 2013 brought about one of the worst cold and flu seasons ever. Sometimes over the counter drugs cannot alleviate the problems that come along with the cold and flu. That’s why there are a wide variety of natural remedies to help you get rid of the cold and/or flu in record time!

A Simple Way to Calm Down Babies

Being in the question is one of the primary tools of Access Consciousness. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness says, “The question empowers, the answer always dis-empowers”. There are many testimonies from the practitioners of Access consciousness how being in the question has helped them unlock many possibilities in all aspects of life.

Fresh Royal Jelly Tips: Why Is It The Most Natural Form of Bee’s Milk?

Fresh royal jelly is an extraordinary, natural cure for many diseases and conditions. Its nutritional value is often intact by the time the product reaches the customers. Thus consuming royal jelly in its fresh and organic form is much recommended.

How Watching the News Affects Our Health – You Are All In Hypnosis

The few seconds before we go to sleep at night we are in hypnosis. That being said, so many of you watch the news right before, turning off the TV as you feel yourself falling deeper, while others fall asleep with the TV on.   Hypnosis is a state of mind where your conscious mind relaxes and your subconscious mind is more accessible.

Pregnancy Morning (Hypermisis Gravidarum) and Homeopathy Treatment

A women’s body goes through different changes during pregnancy that may effect her digestive system and cause the morning sickness. Pregnancy or morning sickness can be experienced by some women during pregnancy and some may not experience it at all or some may experience it severely in this case this in medical term calles Hypermisis Gravidarum (HG).

Fasting Shown to Reduce Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk

Fasting has been around for thousands of years and was actually prescribed to patients by our early ancestors due to its health benefits. Abstaining from food has been shown to reduce risk for heart disease, diabetes and other alignments. Not all of mainstream medicine is on board with fasting, but promising results have been shown to researches and it may one day be a regular prescription. As scientist and researches are developing more potions, pills, and powders, more and more people are looking into alternative health for answers to some of life’s complicated diseases. Fasting may be the answer in unlocking our bodies potential on self healing and propelling ourselves to better health.

4 Principles Every Wise Healthcare Consumer Knows

February is National Wise Healthcare Consumer Month. No, I refuse to talk about the new Affordable Care Act because I could probably count on one hand the number of people who actually understand what the bill says and what its future implications will be. Instead, I would like to share the FOUR principles that every wise consumer must understand about healthcare.

New Wine From Old Vine

The flower remedies of Edward Bach are the best known flower essences in the world. Thousands of individuals possess the complete set of 38 remedies. In the set there are some remedies that are used a great deal and some that are used infrequently. Vine is traditionally used the least but now there is a new use of it.

Therapeutic Essential Oil Capsules Are Safe and Effective Home Remedies for Infections

Essential oils capsules are effective home remedies for infections of all types. They are far safer than prescription antibiotics, and they are proven to work about as effectively as penicillin without the side effects of penicillin. They also work on more than just bacteria. They are proven to be excellent antimicrobial remedies against viruses, mold, fungus infections and parasites, as well as bacteria. This article will show you how to fill and use your essential oils capsules.

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