CBD Oil and Cardiovascular Benefits

Foods That Help With Constipation

Constipation is an unpleasant experience. Your stomach is cramping and bloated. If you experience it suddenly, you might not have eaten a sufficient amount of food rich in fibre or have not drunk enough fluid.

Natural Ways To Relieve Constipation

Nowadays more and more people suffer from constipation because of a poor diet and less exercise which makes bowel movements very hard. When they are constipated, they rush to the pharmacy and buy an over the counter laxative.

Why Am I Constipated Everyday

Constipation is caused by slow bowel movements. The frequency of bowel movements is various, ranging from person to person. Some people have bowel movements 2-3 times a day; some people go longer than 3 days without a bowel movement, because the longer you have no bowel movements, the stool becomes harder and difficult to pass out of your body. If it is the case, this symptom should be considered as constipation.

Constipation Side Effects – Everything You Should Know

Constipation is a digestive health problem and is caused by slow bowel movements. When you are constipated, your stomach is bloated, cramped and full of gas.

Why The Aloe Vera Plant Could Be Beneficial For Your Health

The aloe vera plant has been used throughout history as a sore of relief for a number of health problems. Still today it being used for that reason. It is contained in cream, gels and juices so as provide an alternative to modern medicine with regards to healing various ailments and as an agent to slow down the aging process.

Get the Kinks Out With Alternative Healing

In today’s society drugs and medications are issued to relieve the pain or heal an aliment. In fact, medical occupations, including the pharmaceutical field, have an occupational outlook of a 28% increase. This increase represents projected growth during the 2010-2020 era for the United States alone.

What Is the Remedy Thuja in Homeopathy and How Can It Help You?

Thuja Occidentalis is a tree that looks like a Christmas tree when it is small and like a slim, tall pine when it grows up. It is from the family of cypresses, which are commonly known as “arbor vitae” or “tree of life” because they’re evergreen trees. A Thuja grows up to 15 meters, has dense foliage, and perennial, scaly leaves, except when they sprout, where they have the form of sewing needles. In Homeopathy, Thuja is a popular remedy, since many Homeopaths consider it a “polychrest,” that is, a remedy with a wide amount of uses. Curious about them? Let’s see which they are.

The Many Advantages of Sepia in Homeopathy

Sepia Officinalis is a remedy in Homeopathy that is especially prepared out of a tiny portion of jellyfish ink, a dark-brown tint employed by painters and printers. In 1834, Hahnemann (founder of Homeopathy) noticed the ill effects experienced by an artist who, while painting, often licked his paintbrush soaked in jellyfish ink. Because a substance that causes similar symptoms to a disease has the capacity to cure it in minimal doses, Hahnemann developed Sepia.

Belladonna Homeopathy in a Nutshell

Belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, is a perennial, herbaceous plant that grows up to 5 feet tall; with blue-purple flowers; 8 inch long ovate leaves; and black or purple 0.5 inch berries. The last two are highly toxic. In Herbalism, Belladonna has been employed as a relaxant, sedative and antispasmodic. In Homeopathy, Belladonna is especially prepared and considered by many Homeopaths a “polychrest,” which is a remedy with many uses. You’re about to discover them.

Urine Therapy – Urine Used to Treat Diseases

Urine is used as a drug to treat several diseases, both in the traditional medicine in many places in the world and by some modern western naturopathic therapists. Here you can read about the claimed healing effects of urine and how urine is administered when used for therapy.

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