Ask a Hemp Farmer Episode #6

How To Enhance Your Self – IMAGE?

You can think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct. This advice, generally credited to Henry Ford, focused on the overall level of our attitude, and whether, it will help, or hurt us.

How Do You Know, What’s WRONG?

How can anyone, become, happier, health, and more, personally, fulfilled, unless/ until, he identifies, learns, discovers, and knows, from the onset, what’s WRONG? Since, most people, refuse to give themselves, a realistic, thorough, introspective, check – up, from the neck – up, this process, is ignored, far too often! Doing this, takes the commitment, to take the time, and make the effort, to make yourself, the best you can be, which requires, identify, what might need, addressing, etc.

How Do You VIEW Yourself?

You can think you can, or can’t, Either way, you’ll be correct. These words, generally credited to Henry Ford, focus on, the essential relevance, between, our personal perceptions, and attitude. When we proceed, consistently, with a positive, can – do, attitude, we generally, are able to put things into perspective, and achieve, to the best of our abilities and potential!

How To Use Self – HELP, To Be Happier, And Healthier?

How can you, ever, become, the best, you can, possibly, be, unless/ until, you realize, you’ll never make a difference, for the better, in your world, or others, until, you start, by effectively using, some, self – HELP? What the world needs now, is love, sweet love, but, it’s impossible, to love anyone else, until you, first, believe in, and, truly, love yourself! This must be, far more than rhetoric, but, rather, you must believe it, in your core perceptions, and personal reality, all the time, in every way!

The Risk/ Reward Approach, To Better Health: 4 Scenarios

Doesn’t it, make sense, to be more willing to use, more extreme approaches, possibilities, and approaches, if there is a serious, and/ or, life – threatening, treatment, than, when, this doesn’t exist? Several years ago, I remember watching a television advertisement, for a prescription drug, for treating, foot – nail fungus. This product, perhaps, effectively treated its desired ailment, yet, when the contra – indications, etc, were listed, which included causing cancer, liver ailments, etc, I wondered, why, anyone, would use this, for a seemingly, less – than, life – threatening ailment.

It’s Not Living, If You Don’t LIVE!

In the vast majority of instances, the major enemy of a healthy, happy life, is, when one proceeds, without a focus, emphasis, goal, etc, on what he wishes to achieve, and/ or accomplish! Sitting around, worrying, wasting time, effort, and personal energy, or lacking clarity, are not beneficial, or helpful, to you! In fact, the happiest, healthiest people, are, usually, those, with a self – conceived, personal purpose, and a willingness to pursue these!

It’s Smart To HEAL Thyself!

How can you become as happy, and healthy, as possible, unless/ until, you are ready, willing, and able, to, consistently, HEAL thyself? What are you prepared, to do, on a regular basis, and commit to, on an ongoing one, to ensure, you might live, in a healthier manner? Are you, ready, to, open – your – mind, to the possibilities, and alternatives/ options, so, your life is, consistently, more focused on the bigger – picture, and accept, well – considered, and studies, so – called, alternative medical/ health approaches, in a wellness system?

Why You Feel Better, When You Improve Your FRAME Of Mind?

Quite often, our comic geniuses, sum – up, challenges, etc, far better, than the so – called experts/ professionals! Groucho Marx, famously stated, while wagging his cigar, funny glasses, and mustache, It’s a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter!

Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Problems, Versus Challenges

Each of us, find, from time – to – time, there are obstacles, which prevent us, from optimizing our enjoying life, to its fullest! While these are normal, and should be expected, and anticipated, the significant aspect, is how, we handle them! Unfortunately, all – too – often, many people perceive every obstacle, and/ or snag, as a problem, which ends up, being debilitating, and personally restrictive.

How Might You PURSUE Happiness?

What might you, be willing to do, in order to, become, the happiest, you might possibly be? Becoming happy, requires genuine commitment, and, being willing to expand the limitations of your self – imposed, comfort zone, in a meaningful, proactive way! Each of us, must, fully consider, and examine, what this means and represents, to us, and, how, to PURSUE the utmost degree of personal happiness.

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