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Importance of Identification of Herbs

Correct identification of herbs assumes great significance in growth of an industry based on safe use of top quality herbal products. It is very crucial for laboratory technicians in the dietary supplement and herbal drug industry. Its importance is also recognized by botanists, researchers, collectors of medicinal plants and students in related fields.

Why Phytoanalytical Chromatographic Is Crucial Before Buying Herbs?

The source of all herbal drugs is wild or cultivated plants. This source has to be cleaned of all its impurities before use, to fulfill the herbal drug requirements in various Ayurveda colleges, Pharmacy institutes etc. There are various methods to ensure that the extent of contaminants and micro-organisms is reduced to the minimum possible level.

Standardization of Herbal Drugs

Over the last many years, herbal medicine is becoming an increasingly popular form of healthcare worldwide, as people are turning more and more to nature based treatment of physical ailments and diseases. With a remarkable rise in the consumption of plant-based medicines, more and more pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in herbal formulations.

Five Herbs You Can’t Ignore in Rains

Rain showers, in most cases not only cause physical discomfort but also lead to outbreak of various water borne and other diseases. The humid climate, accumulation of stagnant waters are conducive factors for the growth of viruses. The exponential rise in their numbers is one of the main reasons for spread of diseases. Common colds and flu become rampant and along with them viral fevers, hepatitis, cholera as well as other respiratory tract infections. The body’s immune system is weak in majority of people and thus they fall prey to such outbreaks.

Impurities in Herbs

India introduced Ayurveda medicine to the world and today it is being practiced and used globally by hundreds and millions of people. The basic ingredient in Ayurveda medicine largely includes herbs of various types. The benefits of these innumerable herbs have been studied since ancient times and subsequently they have been used for their therapeutic properties. However, with rapid industrialization, the methods of herb cultivation and its natural environment have changed drastically. Exposure to industrial effluents and chemicals has raised issues of safety and integrity of the herbal drugs.

Developing New Herbal Products

India is a vast treasure house of medicinal herbs and plants which are incorporated into alternative systems of health-care like Ayurveda, Homeopathy,Naturopathy etc. Millions of people in India are followers of these systems which are practised by qualified medical practitioners.

Juffa – The Herb With Miraculous Properties

Juffa or Hyssop Officinalis is the herb with miraculous properties. The herb has an interesting history and finds mention in Bible. Perhaps one of the oldest herbs, Juffa was used extensively by the Israelis to keep evil spirits at bay. It was also used as an aid to boost the spirituality, to purify the body and to help in meditation. It became so popular within the Christian community that it was even used in Church as a symbol to cleanse the body and soul of all sins one had committed.

Having A Healer In Your Emergency Call List Is Just As Important As Having A GP On It

I write this article on behalf of myself as an alternative healer, as well as for healers all over the world. As a healer, there are many things we do that may seem unconventional, and to some it may even appear to be too “woo woo”. Often a healers’ role is undermined, criticized, made fun of and most people do not see the value of what healers offer. Ok, we know that there are snake oil healers out there who have given alternative healers a bad rep. But there are also many unethical money driven conventional doctors in practice who have abused the doctors’ code of ethics and yet many still turn to conventional doctors when the going gets tough.

The Effect of Late Night Tech Light on Your Health

All of our treasured tech toys emit blue-enriched light. If we are using our toys in the latter part of the evening, we run the risk of disrupting our natural sleep patterns. This article helps explain the importance of understanding how best to use our tech toys in healthy ways, with options for each one of us.

Use Your “Get Out Of Guilt Free” Card!

This article is about dealing with life’s ups and downs and grief. I share my perspective on loss and death based on my years working as a psychic medium.

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