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If You Want To Be HAPPY, For The Rest Of Your Life?

The grass is always greener on the other side! This, and other sayings, expressions, and platitudes, tell us, to think, about how to make ourselves happier, more content, and healthier, instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses, proceeding with envy, instead of focusing on self – help, personal development, and self – improvement. The memorable words from the song, If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, actually, has little, to nothing, to do, with how attractive, or unattractive, one’s mate, may be, but rather, how HAPPY, you might be, comes directly, in most cases, from your personal actions,…

Being POSITIVE, Makes You Better And Happier!

You can think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct! These words, generally credited to Henry Ford, emphasize, how proceeding, through life, with a genuine, POSITIVE, can – do, attitude, often, live the happiest, healthiest, and least stressful lives!

How Preventive Medicine Makes A Difference?: 3 Examples

If you want to ensure, your odds of the healthiest, possible life, is enhanced, you must avoid procrastinating, and/ or, ignoring yourself, and must proceed, proactively, by attempting to use a preventive approach, and mindset, to recognize, identify, and address potential issues, early, before they become more dangerous, etc! In addition, this approach requires considering, thoroughly, your options and alternatives, with an open mind, and living a healthier lifestyle, to maximize your healthy possibilities! Doing so, requires a positive, can – do, attitude, as well as the discipline and commitment, to do something, rather than focusing on the negatives, or…

As You THINK, You Are!

As you THINK, you are! When I first heard these words, many decades ago, I considered them, but, probably, not as fully, as I should have! You can think you can or can’t.

Why You Should Examine Your Personal BELIEFS?

When was the last time, you took the time, and made a concerted effort, to give yourself, a thorough, check – up, from the neck – up, and examined, why you possess your personal BELIEFS, and whether, they are beneficial to you, and in your own, best interests? As I think, I am, are wise words, which often, tell us, we need, to pay far more attention, to our overall attitude, and whether we perceive obstacles, as problems, or challenges, to overcome! Henry Ford is often credited with saying, You can think you can, or can’t.

How To Raise The QUALITY Of Your Life?

Most people state, they hope to live the happiest possible, most personally fulfilling life/ existence, yet, very few, seem, ready, willing, and/ or, able, to proceed, in a proactive manner, to achieve these objectives! Since, for most, the happier one is, the finest potential, overall health, and well – being, doesn’t it make sense, to do, everything, possible, to raise/ improve, your personal, QUALITY of life? After all, if you aren’t willing to do so, no one else, probably will!

Identifying Your Housing Needs: 7 Considerations

Since, we all must live somewhere, and, most of us, differ, in various ways, doesn’t it make sense, to seriously consider, and identify, your personal (and family) housing needs, in a thorough, well – considered manner? There are many things to seriously ponder, in order to proceed, and act wisely, instead of impulsively, and/ or, simply, emotionally! Before deciding to purchase, consider all the options, and choices, and whether, home ownership, is best, for you.

Do Your URGES, Help You?

Each of us, from time, to time, experience certain urges, which, may, be positive and helpful, or harmful to our inevitable, well – being! When was the last time, you took the time, and made the commitment, to give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and a willingness, to examine, the quality, and focus of your personal URGES? What makes something your priority, and why/ how.

5 Keys To Achieving Your Personal Objectives

Achieving your personal objectives, requires maintaining the mindset, and focus, on realizing, this must never, be about, what others find important, but, on putting yourself first, at least, as it relates to this matter! It’s important to expand the limitations of your self – imposed, comfort zone, and, fully consider, the best path, for you to choose, to optimize your possibilities, potential, and most importantly, chance for true happiness. How might one, create a personal plan, to effectively, efficiently, discover, and adopt, the ability to achieve those objectives, which truly are helpful, and move you in the best direction?

Will You VALUE Yourself?

If you don’t VALUE yourself, and, truly, feel, you are a person, of worth, how can you possibly, ever, become the best, you can possibly, be? Although there is a difference, between, falsely over – rating yourself, and being able to effectively use/ utilize your strengths, etc, unless/ until, someone focuses on enhancing their inner – self, they will not become, as happy, as possible. In addition, in most cases, the happier, more self – fulfilled, etc, one is, the better, more positive, his attitude, and, happier people, will generally experience the best potential for overall health, and well – being!

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